11+ Workbooks

Weekly Workbooks Posted Straight To Your Front Door.

3 workbooks. 1 for each subject. 30 minutes per workbook per day. Video tutorials for each question. It's really that simple.


On the first day of our workbooks, we introduce our students to a new concept, teaching it in an engaging and effective way, thanks to our in-depth video tutorials.


We reinforce the concepts introduced on Monday through targeted practice. This helps solidify understanding of the topic.


We expand on the topics with more complex examples. These challenging questions require critical thinking and are designed to enhance ability to apply knowledge in different contexts.


We develop the ability to use the concept in various situations, providing strong preparation for the 11+ assessments. As always, our video tutorials are here to help along the way!


We review the weeks material, to identify and remove any remaining areas of weakness in the topic. Then when our students are ready, they will sit a mock 11+ exam covering the topic in complete detail.

The Best Prep For The 11+ Exam

Our Workbooks help students become familiar with the format and types of questions in the 11+ exams. This reduces anxiety and builds confidence, ensuring students are well-prepared on exam day.

Video Tutorials

Each week we add over 5 hours of Maths, English, Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Video Tutorials!

Rapid Progression

By personalizing each student's learning experience with video tutorials, we facilitate rapid progress that surpasses what is achievable through conventional teaching methods.

£10 Per Week

At Just £10 per week, our workbooks provide unbeatable value for money. Start your childs 11+ journey today!